Sunday, 24 March 2013

Change of plan

An email late last week suddenly changed my quilty plans for the weekend. This pile came out of the cupboard on Friday night and got cut:

Simon took both James and Eleanor sailing on Saturday, so I got stuck in. I laid out all my pieces, and was just pressing the final seam when they got home.

I did most of the quilting last night, using a flower variation on my open feathers I worked out recently.

It's just one open feather plume to each side, then a swirl up from the centre, and 4-6 half-circle petals around the top of the swirl. Then repeat. It  fills the quilt nicely, and I just threw in a few extra plumes here and there to fill odd spaces or get myself out of a corner.

The working name for this quilt is Garden Paths, and it will be appearing in AP&Q later this year. It's fun and pretty easy and makes a lovely baby's play quilt.


Shelley: the Dread Pirate Rodgers said...

Emma, I just LOVE your 'flower and plume" all-over quilting design! Thank you so much for describing how you accomplished it.

I find thinking of quilting designs the most difficult part of quilting these days and am *always* looking for ideas so that I'm not constantly using the same tried-and-true ones over and over. :-)

A totally off-topic comment: our middle daughter spent a semester in Perth in 2011 during her 3rd year in university. She absolutely LOVED living and going to school there. We live in California and are used to traveling a fair amount of distances to get to places, but Perth has got us beat hands-down! Boy, Perth is waaaay out in the middle of nowhere!

Thanks again for your sharing your quilting!

FlourishingPalms said...

It looks like flannel fabric. Is it? Your quilting design is very pretty. I like the openness of it. Looks like fun and relatively easy to quilt.

natalia said...

fresh and cheerful color! Beautuful!

HelenP said...

What a lovely FMQ design, thank you for sharing

Naomi said...

Thank you!! This blog post inspired my stitching!
And I linked this post on my blog
Happy quilting to you!!

Bea said...

I just came across your site...shat a beautiful quilting pattern for the quilt top!! It is inspiration to me since I am slowly working on learning FMQ. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

margburnoak said...

Thank you for showing us all this awesome FMQ pattern! This design really appeals to me as it looks nice & easy, and forgiving as well.