Friday, 21 August 2009

Noah's Ark quilt for AJ

(a note: in response to the queries I've had about this quilt, this quilts is unusually not one of my own designs, although as a group we did make some alterations form the original. It's by Kookaburra Cottage, and is widely available in Australia - but be warned, the pattern is expensive.)

The EB Quilters have done it again. When we heard that one of our own (AJ) was finally pregnant, another collaborative quilt was on the cards. We knew how much she loved the Noah's Ark pattern, and Adds and I spent several weeks trying to work out how we could manage this as a group quilt. We requested people roughly follow the colours AJ had used for her own version of this quilt (made for one of her nieces), knowing her penchant for brights! It involved a lot of emailing, and a lot of mailing, as patterns, sashing and background fabric were sent across the country, returned to Adds as completed blocks to join to her central Noah block, sent on to me to complete and quilt, and finally on to its new home. It even involved a few repeat mailings as AP lost several parcels - fortunately 'only' background fabric, rather than completed blocks or even, heaven-forbid, the whole quilt!
These photos aren't great; I only just managed to finish it before we went skiing, and didn't have a chance to photograph it properly outside. I was already late for work (and I had to post it during my lunch break) when I was hanging it, so please excuse the fact that it's not properly pressed, and too many shots are poorly focused. Above is the monkey block I made.

Crocodile by Helen (adapted from the pattern to work in a collaborative quilt).

Giraffe by Milly (which requied an extra trip to me, so I could put the Monkey's arm in place).

Apalling photo of a great block by Cylie!

Elephant by Lily (my favourite block, love the fabric choices, and such beautiful hand-applique!)

And here's a different image of the monkey block, showing the fine (as in small!) McTavishing I did on all the background.
This was a huge quilting job, dealing with so many peoples' blocks, and with so many borders and sashings requiring stitching in the ditch, loads of applique shapes to closely quilt around, all the background to fill, and extra quilting in some areas to keep it even. I have to say I was glad when it was done!
We hope it brings AJ and her new baby boy much pleasure.

PS Helen - the remaining purple swirls will return to you shortly!


Beena said...

Very cute quilt! Love your monkey block, and your quilting! I'm sure she will love this!

Little Munchkins said...

I saw this quilt in AJ's blog and loved it. I didn't realise how big it is until I saw a pic of Aden on it.

Well done ladies!

Cylie said...

It turned out fantastic! Great work.

Cascade Lily said...

Emma it looks fantastic. I noticed all the McTavishing on the quilt in AJ's photos. Great job! A lot of work. You and Adds were a great team pulling all of this together.

And I'm blushing. Glad you liked my block :)

Sue said...

I love this quilt ! I am creating a Grandmother's Hope Chest and would like to add this pattern to it. Can you tell me where I could purchase it?

Gina said...

Love the quilt. I think the hippos are my favourite though

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Nana Jo said...

I am a grandmother to 2 with another 2 on the way. I love the Noah's Ark quilt. Would you happen to have the pattern or a vendor who handles the pattern? I would love to make it for one of the new grandchildren. My direct email is I live in St. Paul Minnesota, USA.

Melissa Ballinger said...

This is the only place I've found the pattern and it is $55.99 for just the pattern. Missy.