Thursday, 14 August 2008


Tonight I had my first massage in ages. Ahhhh! Pre-children, I used to have them weekly, but it's just so hard to fit in these days. I've booked another in 3 weeks. It means leaving Simon to finish dealing with James' and Eleanor's dinner, bath and bed, while I indulge myself - or I'd do it more often!
Today's photos are of Canadian Inspiration. I made this for my parents in 2003/4, inspired by their holiday in Canada. The autumn tones were bought in one fell swoop (I kept Rhonda at Canberra's Calico Patch cutting 25cms of each for ages!) but the blues were collected over an extended period.
It was my first queen-size quilt, and remains one of my favourites, although I now lok at it and see several things I would do differently with the benefit of more experience (and a bit of hindsight!)
The maple leaves are all pieced in the same way, and range from about 3" to about 8" . The stalks are home-made bias tape, machine-appliqued on top.
I quilted the whole thing in variegated blue thread; twice around each leaf and a meander over the rest. This was probably my first effort at an overall FMQ 'pattern'.

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Cascade Lily said...

Very nice quilt Emma - a lot of thinking went into the placement of those blues too by the looks of it.

And a massage. Ahhhhhhh how divine! Hope it helped to iron out those kinks!