Monday, 25 January 2010


While I'm on a roll, here is the Spring Tree Quilt. The photo below is before quilting, for comparison.

With a few colour changes, and blossoms instead of apples, it has an entirely different look.

I did keep the two background fabrics as snowflakes, but they're not that obvious after quilting, and anyway, spring snow is a reality - just not here!

I used two different pink fairy frosts for the blossoms. I tried quilting some texture into a few of the paler blossoms, but decided that while it looks ok, it didn't really add anything. Unpicking it would have left a mess, so I left those I'd done as they were.

In this case the quilting is a spring breeze, blowing off the last few blossoms as the leaves appear. I guess technically that places the tree in late spring, where there's less chance of snow, but that's artistic licence!

It seemend entirely appropriate to be photographing this one in my spring garden! Notice the other two in the background?

The outside photos are great for showing the texture of the quilting.

This quilt is in my Etsy shop; look for the pattern there too, by early February.

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