Sunday, 17 May 2009

Beachside Blossom

We promised Simon's mother a table runner. For her birthday. Last year. In July!
Luckily she's very understanding! The delay was caused mostly by competing priorities, but I also had trouble coming up with a design I was happy with. I knew what colours I needed, and wanted to use one of my favourite fabrics, this hyakryoran ombre (the bottom of the two blogged here).
And here it is:
I'm really pleased with it. It uses the unmodified palm block, and the hardest part was cutting the ombre to get a good colour gradation.
At least she'll get it before her next birthday!


Jo said...


The runner is fabulous! I went back in your blog to see other posts about this fabric - you create lovely quilts.

That fabric is so unique - would you share where it is from?



Margaret aka Supermom said...


Austy's Mum said...

I'm going to do it again - use the one word that I always use when I see your quilts - STUNNING! I love the ombre graduation, it really sets off the palm blocks. Oh and you must be a better Mum than me - I just deleted all of Austy's photography :blush:... How clever of James to steady the camera by the floor.

Little White Dove said...

Love the ombre gradation - very clever! I'm sure your MIL will think it's worth the wait!

Nadine said...

LOVE the table runner Emma! What a perfect use of an ombred fabric. Your MIL is a lucky lady!