Monday, 23 February 2009


Here is Fairy Dancing, the bed quilt for my niece Zoe, who's just turned two.

I finished sewing the label on at 1.30 this morning, and had ot be at her party at the awfully early hour of 9am. That meant getting up earlier than I would for work; plus I had to photograph it!

I'm not entirely happy with it. I was working to such a tight timeframe, I didn't have the chance to make changes where I might otherwise have.

And being so rushed, I didn't get to check the photos before we had to wrap it and leave, and they're not as sharp as they should be. I'm getting tired of that.

But I do like this row of stars.

And these fairies bordered by triangles.

The photo for the label was taken at James' birthday party last year - and the same facepainter was there today! (Yes, James was a butterfly again!)

And here's the two-year-old fairy looking at her new quilt:
I've been working on Eleanor's teddy quilt tonight, and getting frustrated with skimpy seam allowances where there should have been ample. I'm starting to think I need to wind back on quilt numbers and focus on taking time to make quilts I like, rather than committing myself to some I really don't want to. Despite the problems, it's nice to be working on a design I love, and something for my own family for a change. And Eleanor will be wanting a bed quilt soon, too!

On that grumpy note, I'm off to bed.


Margaret aka Supermom said...

Lovely. What photo printing fabric sheets do you use? They are unbelievably crisp and bright in color - better than others I have seen/used.

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful, what a lucky birthday girl your niece is. It's a stunning quilt.

AnnieOfBlueGables said...

That is gorgeous. You have such a talent with colors and texture. I am in LOVE!

Andi said...

I think that having a tight deadline might free you up to be less perfectionistic.
This quilt is just beautiful. And I'm sure the little fairy will just adore it.
Well done.
Andi :-)

Austy's Mum said...

Well done Emma - another gorgeous EH creation! The photo came out beautifully too. Love the stippling.

The Humming Cat said...

Love it Another one tobe published for a magazine, or are you aiming for a book?

AJ said...

HAHAHA Adds...Free copies for EB Quilters when you print your book!! LOL

Great Job Emma!!