Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Southern Star, first quilt of 2010

Southern Star is my first quilt for 2010.

It lost something between the design and execution, and it's just not quite how I envisaged.

Although the quilting looks ok, the design shows up and little mistakes. And though it was fun to start with, I soon tired of it, as it's kind of boring, and frustrating to get it looking even and random rather than stacked and repetitive.

I do love the colours though. It's quilted with a beautiful variegated Aurifil 50wt cotton.

Next job is to find the time to make a quilt using more of these stars!


Eila said...

Really beautiful colors, great work and wonderful star!

AJ said...

I like the blues and aquas Emma...great start to the year!

Kylie said...

Love the star.

Crafty Mama said...

I think it's lovely! I really like the colors!

Linda said...

Don't belittle your quilting! It's very nice. I too quilt with Aurifil #50. And I have a print in my stash that's the same as yours: the aqua swirl. Your star with the rails is very effective. What a nice baby gift!

LittleWhiteDove said...

Lovely job you've done! I'm very jealous of your perfect quilting, I'm attempting a similar type of FMQ at the minute and I think disaster would be an understatment!