Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Soft as a Feather

Over the weekend I finished another quilt. I've called this one Soft as a Feather after the minkee pieces and feather quilting.
The minkee was difficult to piece, because the fabrics slid with the pile, but I got better at minimising that as I went, and will probably use more of the minkee left from backing James and Eleanor's quilts to make similar baby quilts, as it's just so beautifully tactile.
As mentioned previously, the coloured sections of coins are feathered between the minkee strips, and the white sashing is stippled. You can see the whole back in the earlier post.
The purple border is quilted as though it's a single side of a very straight feather. On one side the plumes got too perpendicular and don;t look so great, but it was good practice, and baby Cerys won't mind!
I bound the quilt with a different colourway of the border fabric.
Eleanor loves the softness of the minkee; while it was in the bag waiting to be used, she'd slide her whole arm in between the layers and say, "It's nice and comfortable in here" with a blissful grin on her face.
This was a quick quilt to piece, and fast to quilt as well; exactly what I need at the moment. I think I can count about 10 friends/relatives who've had babies in the last 2-3 weeks!
May is a good month for birthdays!
This quilt is headed for England shortly. Like her big sister, Cerys conveniently chose to arrive just before my Gran goes on a holiday to England, so this quilt can be hand-delivered like her sister's.


XUE said...

What a beautiful quilt! It is amazingly gorgeous with the fabrics combo & the quilting that you have done. Lucky recipient ! Happy Tuesday from Tokyo!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Wow this is one beautiful quilt. It was worth fighting with the minkee fabric :-)

Joan said...

Beautiful Emma Colours are geargeous...not sure what minke is though :(

Joan said...

and my spelling is woeful!!

Wendy said...

Very cute!

shellysquilts said...

You quilting looks great! Cute quilt! Well done!

Linda said...

Just gorgeous! Your quilted feathers are outstanding.

Lily Mulholland said...

Emma it's really lovely - and tactile! And the feathers are fantastic :)