Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Sunrise to Sunset

The first of my quilty surprises for members of my Due In November 2005 EB group was received today, so here it is.
The lovely mum is scheduled for a ceasarean tomorrow, expecting a little sister for her 2-year-old boy. She was having a bad day, so I was pleased it arrived to cheer her a little.
I have several more up my sleeve, but will struggle to get them done in time. My sewing room will be out of action from Saturday for about 5 days while we have some long-awaited visitors; my friend from Melbourne and her 2 boys aged 2 3/4 and 3 months. The 3-month-old weighs almost 2kg more than Eleanor!


Juni said...

e, that quilt is stunning!!!

mamma said...

just beautiful E! How luck for Ren it arrived when it did, and how lovely of you to do so much for so many lovely ladies in DIN05 :D
You are truely a very talented and very special person :D

Love Sal

Cascade Lily said...

Emma it's absolutely gorgeous. No wonder it made your friend's day! Well done and how lovely :)