Friday, 27 November 2009

Nurture - Raffle Quilt 1

A lot of the content of this post is the same as the post about Footsteps, please bear with me and fee free to skip through parts you've already read! I'll italicise repeated paragraphs in both to make it easier for you.

Tonight we launched the raffle for the choice of one of a pair of custom designed quilts I made to raise funds for James and Eleanor's child care centre at the centre's Christmas Concert. James has been going there 3 days a week while I work part time since mid 2006, and Eleanor joined him there in 2008. They love it, and so do I. There has been minimal staff change over the 3 1/2 years, and everyone is great. It's a relatively small centre, and all of the staff know all of the children well. We couldn't be happier. Both children learn there as well as having fun, and it's where James has met a great friend.

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Tickets are $2 each, and can be purchased from me, just leave a comment or email me via my profile. Unfortunately I haven't been able to work out a way to manage international sales, due to both payment and shipping difficulties. Tickets are on sale until Friday 11th December 2009, and will be drawn at ABC Belair Child Care Centre on Wednesday 16th December 2009.

First prize is a choice of Nurture (featured in this post) or Footsteps (next post). The estimated value of each quilt is around $800. The second quilt wil be available for sale until Christmas for $500, with $100 of this going to ABC Belair.

Second prize is a beautiful indulgent box of beauty products and make-up, wine in a velvet bag, handmade bracelet and earrings with a beautiful jewellery pouch and a selection of chocolates, with an approximate value of $200.

Nurture is a little over 130cm square, and can be used as a play quilt, a bed coverlet or a wallhanging. If the winner wants, I can add a hanging sleeve.

It can be washed. Ideally, wash by hand in warm water using a gentle detergent, and dry flat in the shade. It will survive on a gentle machine cycle and on warm in a dryer, but I don't recommend it. Keep the quilt out of direct sunlight to ensure the colours stay vivid. Iron gently from the back - steam is ok, but don't press down, or you'll flatten the whole thing!

The quilt is made using quality quilters' cottons, and I use an Australian wool/cotton batting inside.

It's an original design, and I drafted the heart blocks myself.

I quilted it with a selection of cottons and embroidery threads, with a variety of swirls through the centre, and feathering in the border.

The name, Nurture, comes from the nuturing children need and receive, which is reflected in the hearts and palm leaf blocks in the quilt.

Welcome to everyone who's new to my blog through the raffle! If you have any questions, please leave me a comment. If you have an reply email address enabled, I can reply directly, otherwise I'll reply in the comments, so check back. Enabling replies will NOT publish your email address! You can also click on my profile at the top of the right column (just below the photos of the raffle quilts) to email me privately.

There are more photos of this quilt, especially the quilting detail, at a previous post here.

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There's a link to my Etsy shop which currently has a play quilt and a few wallhangings in stock. I take commissions for customised pieces of all sizes either through Etsy or here on my blog.


Elizabeth *^..^* said...

What a gorgeous quilt!!! And kudos for designing the heart pattern yourself. I was searching heart blocks and your blog popped on through google. TFS

Sewgreen said...

Hello I was actually googling palm blocks when I came up with your blog, I LOVE that heart block! Did you post a pattern of it?