Friday, 1 May 2009

Sing a Rainbow

In the last week, I also quickly whipped-up this quilt. Does it look familiar? I still had a lot of blocks left from the EB Quilters' bright log cabin strips swap in 2007 after making this. I just reversed the layout this time. In fact, I still have 8 blocks left! A friend at work has just gone on maternity leave for her second child (her first was born just 4 hours before Eleanor, and we were across the corridor in the same hospital!). I hadn't realised how quickly it was creeping up, so had little time, and she hasn't found out whether she's having a boy or a girl, so this was a good solution, especially as I know from last time they were decorating with brights.

I stippled the whole thing, using a sunset variegated thread on the warm colours, and a variegated turquoise on the cool colours.
It's a bit hard to tell on the back, because I used a busy bl;ack-on-white heart print:
And here it is from the back with a little sunlight coming through. It would have been better with bright sun, but we're enjoying a wonderful wet week or so here and it's mostly overcast. We need the rain badly. I noticed the first of the spring bulbs just poking through the soil and fallen leaves this afternoon; I wonder how many will have survived our very hot and very dry summer? For now we'll enjoy the wet autumn.


Anonymous said...

The quilt is very beautiful. I love the bright colours.

We have finally had some rain in the past 3 days too. They would have declared us in a drought zone if we didn't get any with in a week. Not unusual for Aus, but a bit unusual in NZ :-)

Cyliebug said...

Just lovely. lol at the "whip up"..... wish that would happen to mine.

Michelle said...

I love the quilt. Rainbow quilts are my favourite type of quilt to give as baby quilt and I love the log cabin. You are amazing!

Robyn said...

Oh geez, you jsut whipped it up??!!
Woh, you go girl!!
I need to get back to finding more time for sewing myself, instead of snatching bits here and there.
This LC is the bright colours, the quilting and your finish!! Woohoo!!
Robyn xx

Kelly said...

You always seem to find the best fabrics. I'm never able to find anything I like online.

The log cabin quilt is beautiful and has been added to my list of quilts to do :)

Shasta said...

This is great - love all the bright colors.