Monday, 25 January 2010


Why not continue while I'm at it?! Here's the third season in the tree series.

Yes, snowflake backgrounds again. But again, even here in Australia we do get autumn snow. I distinctly remember our second winter in Canberra (2000), we had substantial snow in late May. Canberra doesn't often get snow that settles, but this day it did. I remember standing at our front door catching clusters of snowflakes as big as 20c coins (that's bit over an inch diameter), on the phone with my parents in delight! While my family is used to snow, it just doesn't fall in the Adelaide plains (and only once every 20 years or so in the Adelaide hills - and then rarely enough to settle) so to have it at home was really something. Those of you in North America and Europe, don't laugh at these photos! The first is Simon's snow-covered boat in our garden; we ended up with about three times this much.

That afternoon we took Shadow to Corin Forest, on the outskirts of Canberra. He loved it, and spent the entire drive home bundled in old towels in my lap.

I remember taking our snowchains, but don't think we ended up putting them on. (Again, for those of you where snow is a common occurence who are snickering, most Australians aren't used to driving on snowy or icy roads, and it's so unusual outside the alpine areas, the roads aren't prepared for it!). Please excuse Simon's face obscured by falling snow; this was before we had a digital camera and had the ability to instantly review images! (I took these form my photo album and scanned them.)

Anyway, back to the quilt...

I switched to warmer colours all around for this version, and tried 'anchoring' it with some ground.

The bottom section is a copper-on-black fairy frost, and was a nightmare to FMQ because it was near impossible to see where I'd been.

You can really tell I'd just increased my fairy frost stash before I did this series; all the leaves are fairy frosts, too!

This is a detail of the quilting in the border:

And this one was taken in the late afternoon sun to really show the quilting texture:

Again, this quilt is in my Etsy shop, and the instructions for this version will be in the pattern.


A Plus Quilt Shop said...

simply beautiful! And I love the way you photographed it in the tree!

Linda said...

Sorry, I couldn't help giggling. I'm still giggling. I wish I could show you, in this comment, what our yard looks like RIGHT NOW! Multiply your snow photo times ten, and you might be close! Thanks for the good laugh. Truth be told, I wish I was in Oz right now!

kanishk said...

Fabulous. I love your ferns

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