Tuesday, 5 August 2008


Nothing much to show here progress-wise, so I thought I'd share another pre-blog quilt!I have a love of frogs (rather like Island Kylie! ) and have been collecting frog prints for years. I decided to make a frog quilt to hang in James' nursery in 2005, and when he moved to his new bedroom, the quilt went with him.
I was really stuck for inspiration until I came across a diamoned-shaped piece of glass in a leadlight shop, quite by chance, since I don't do leadlighting! It has bevelled edges, and a frog etched in the middle. Perfect! What I hadn't counted on was my lack of ability to keep a diamond-based quilt 'squared' and flat, and it shows!
I spent hours weaving the wriggly strips of black bias tape, which was a complete waste, since the stitching isn't woven! But I do like the quilt, and I have a few favourite frog prints in it. I also tried my hand at some decorative quilting, one of my first attempts.

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Car said...

Wow Emma - that quilt is gorgeous! The effect of the stained glass windows is stunning :)