Sunday, 22 March 2009

Constellation Consternation

This is my completed quilt for the Bushfire Quilt Project. All the quilts will go to people affected by the Victorian Bushfires in February 2009.
I initially sent Tia 8 star blocks and binding for 3 quilts, but this has taken a little longer, and will be in the mail tomorrow.
I wanted to make it big enough for a single bed, so used the same 12in star blocks, but in a 5x7 layout. I had planned a light background, but couldn't find a suitable fabric. The consternation comes in because I realised part way through that black and red might symbolise fire, but I think this might appeal to a teenager or a boy more than other colours, and a lot of the blocks seem to be more girl-oriented.
I did a stipple over the whole thing, which used way more thread than I'd expected - 1.5 x 500y reels! I ran out late one night, but luckily am starting my own thread-stash (latest count, almost 50 large reels) and had another the same so I could continue. It certainly gave me lots of stippling practise!
This afternoon I took it out to the bridge over our (now rather dry) creek for a photo-shoot before I mail it off with everything else tomorrow.
I hope it will provide warmth and comfort to someone.

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DoesItRequire2toTanGo? said...

what a great quilt. I love it!