Saturday, 6 March 2010

Feathered Flake

I'm finally posting some completed photos of my first wholecloth quilt. I did post about the bulk of it back here - ages ago! It's hard to photograph pure black, so I've played with these images in Photoshop to get them as true as possible. Click on any for a larger, more detailed, image.
Consider this procrastination. I really should be working on my sister-in-law's wedding quilt, which I have under a week to finish, but I'm getting sick of it. The design uses about 80 stars, each consisting of 24 pieces. I've made 20 each of the 2in (completed size) and 4in stars, and a handful of 6in and 8in stars, and anm about halfway through a mountain of 3in stars. Fortunately then it's 'just' a matter of laying the stars out, cutting plain background blocks and filler-patches, and putting the lot together - which would be easy if I had a king-size design board!
I loved making this quilt (and the end result) which is why I have several more on the go. I had to put them aside waiting for the right threads, and now I daren't touch them until the wedding quilt is done, but I can't wait to get back to them. I think one of them is likely to go in my Etsy shop when it's finished.
I posted this one to it's new owner last week, and will probably make another version in white on black at some point (commissions welcome).
I love the way quilts tend to evolve as they're made; I'd had no intention of using two colours, or making this one reversible.
In the end, I used what started as the back as the main side, and labelled it by embroidering my initials and the year into the hanging sleeve. The hainging sleeve is the same fabric as the binding, and I didn't sew it down at the bottom, so that when hanging it folds back up and whichever way it is, it covers (at most) the binding, and is quite unobtrusive.
While the design is symmetrical, you can see that in the excution, there is plenty of variation which only becomes apparent on close inspection.
Real snow crystals (what we usually call flakes) are the same; symmetrical to the naked eye, but imperfect upon detailed magnification.


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Fiesta said...

This design is stunning!

Darkangel said...

wow this is so amazing, really stunning, wish I would be able to do the same

Hugs Cornelia

What Comes Next? said...

I absolutely adore this quilt! Wish it was on its way to me. Good luck getting your wedding quilt finished off!

flisa said...

Wow!I really admire your wonderful work. This quilt is just beautiful!

Joan said...

Just love that quilting - Do you use a domestic machine...and what threads did you use?