Monday, 11 May 2009


This was my weekend project. The initial concept was more opaline in appearance, hence the name. (Andamooka is in outback South Australia, and is one of the main opal-mining towns.)
It's finished size is 18"x24".
Above is a single block. It's another I designed for foundation piecing, inspired by the pineapple block.
It's only quilted on the black background, in a fine loopy stipple. I found that the quilting was much smoother when I actually grasped the edges of the quilt to move it, rather than laying my hands on top. It has reinforced my desire for a fab-u-motion.
I did a small flower in the centre of each black diamond. This was taken in the last afternoon sunlight through the study window:
I haven't yet decided where this quiltlet is going, but it won't be staying here too long.


Cascade Lily said...

It's gorgeous, but the name Andamooka and its association with opal is lost on me! Nice loopy stippling too!

Beena said...

But you seem to be doing so well without the Fab-U-Motion thing! If you're not already using them, try the "machingers" gloves. You'll feel a huge difference in your ability to manipulate the quilt. And they are only about 6 bucks!

Very nice job on this quilt! I like your fabric contrasts, and the design, as well as the "loopiness" of the quilting!