Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Easter quilting 1 - Mimicking the Cherry Thief

As usual, we went to Simon's parents' holiday house at Port Hughes for Easter. It's just about perfect. James goes fishing with Daddy and Pop, both kids get loads of quality grandparent time, and I get loads of quilting time. I take my cutting mat, rulers, machine, and several boxes of fabric and tools. Plus, there's a LQS for when I run out of anything, although they're closing down, and the closest one will then be 20km away - still not too bad!

My first finish for the weekend was my DQS6 quilt; it really only needed the binding and label, and I got that done the first day.

It' called 'Mimicking the Cherry Thief'. Mimicking, because the fantasy bird is based on the lyrebird, which is an incredible mimic, and because it's partly inspired by the William Morris design, 'The Stawberry Thief'. I actually did this in cross-stitch years ago, and incredibly, Simon, when helping me work out the legs, remembered it and we used the picture again! The quilting is simple; in-the-ditch around the lattice, plus closely around the bird and cherries. I also added the legs and fine tail plumes at the quilting stage.

It will soon be flying across an ocean...


AJ said...

Great Work the tail!

The Humming Cat said...

OMG Emma, I think its my fave quilt you've ever made! Love it!