Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Easter quilting 2 - Happiness

Quilting Happiness is:

Finising a quilt in 24 hours
Actually using scraps!
Managing to scrounge a pieced batting
Using spots AND stripes
Time to sew
Trying a new quilting design

This one is for a friend's baby, and I've called it Happiness. It just needs a label, which I couldn't do while we were away. Click on any image for more detail.

I've decided I rather like the freedom of maverick stars, and am getting them out of my system slowly. This one uses 4in starting squares, yielding completed 10.5in blocks, but after heavy quilting, they reduced to 10in blocks.
I dug through my rarely-used scrap box and pulled out the brights. After doing all the points, I decided to piece scrappy centres, too. They used plenty of scraps, but there are still lots left!
This shows the centre of the quilt, where I started the peackock eye-feathers with 4 in a flower formation:
The quilting is far from perfect, and was very time (and cotton!) consuming, but I like the result. I certainly wouldn't want to do it on anyting bigger.
And yes, I managed this in a 24-hour period.


Margaret aka Supermom said...

I love this style of quilting; I use it often. Very effective, although I have not gotten into the mavericks as I seem to make more waste than I consume!

AJ said...

Spots Stripes and sure know how to win a girls heart!! LOL

Looks fantastic Emma!

Helen said...

Emma, this is just stunning!

bonnie said...

i love this quilt. did you use a pattern