Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Winter's Garden

Now that this quilt is in Lily's surprised hands, I can reveal that it was a joint effort by AJ, Bec, Cylie, Helen, Joy, (Island) Kylie, Leah, Mands, Xena and myself, of the EB Quilters. Sorry; I'm too sore to link all the blogs individually, owing to having torn a back muscle a few days ago in one of many nasty coughing fits!
Each girl made one (or even two!) blocks in green and white, and I put them all together.
Blogger is again stubbornly refusing to upload this image in its correct orientation, but you can see that I had to quilt almost every square differently - quite an enjoyable challenge - on a small quilt at least!

How's this for a photo different setting? Double-sided tape is my new best quilt-photography assistant!


Ellie said...

Just beautiful.

LittleWhiteDove said...

What a lovely quilt, and a sweet idea. It looks fabulous, al the girls have done a wonderful job.

Cascade Lily said...

And I am still totally stunned and thrilled! I just love the job you did on the quilting Emma! And all the girls' blogs are linked from the post on my blog if people want to go check them out :)

Ellie said...

You've been tagged...sorry.