Sunday, 19 July 2009


Here is my first Inchie quilt. I've named it Inch by Inch and it's my contribution to the ALQS3 Art Quilt Swap.
The actual quilt is 21in wide and 18in high, with a total height of 26.5in. Click on any photo to see more detail.
The quilt top is made of black, chocolate and cream velvet and cream satin, and backed with chocolate quilters' cotton. I faced rather than bound it to keep the front simple. The chocolate is easier to see in person
The 25 inchies are made from quilters' fabrics, edged with rayon satin-stitch, quilted and then embellished with a selection of seed and bugle beads, crystals, ribbon, jewellery findings, feature beads and two hand-made tassels.
The inchies are attached using permanent glue (and the hanging ones by beading thread) but although the whole thing is technically washable, it probably would be best not to!
It's very simply quilted, because experimentation on a scrap of the cream velvet showed FMQ was likely to end in a mess - and probably tears! And because it's hard to see anyway!
Here are a few close-ups:
This fabric has a little blue in it, so I used some subtle pale blue beads:
This fabric resulted in some great inchies:
The embellishment on this is a flattened bead-cap with a small round bead:


Nadine said...

Love it, love it, love it! It's absolutely STUNNING Emma! Your swap partner is one lucky person. I'm so glad to see it, though I wish I could see it in person! Is the darker fabric velvet too?

Great job! I don't see how you'll be able to part with it... :) I'll have to remember that flattened bead cap trick!

Kylie said...

Once again I am in awe of your talent. Not only do you manage to put together these fantastically beautiful quilts, you do it so quickly!

Cascade Lily said...

Wow Emma I think you've outdone yourself. This is so different and so beautiful. I think you'd better make yourself another to keep!

Little Munchkins said...

That is awesome! It looks different from your usual style and, again, another fantastic quilt from you.


I had no idea what an inchie was. It's beautiful! nci ejob!