Monday, 31 May 2010

Giggle and Hoot

If you have come here trying to find Giggle and Hoot merchandise try this link to the ABC shop. You can register to receive information on when it will be available. Update, August 2010: Hoot Tshirts and Jimmy Giggle's (summer) pyjamas in children's sizes 1-4 will be available in October, and Hoot plush toys, a book and a CD after that. If you would like a customised 'Hoot' quilt (for example like these I made for my children), please leave a comment here - you don't need to be a 'blogger'; just click on 'post a comment' at the bottom of this page and leave me a way of contacting you - or click here for my profile, where you will find a button to email me directly. Emma (mother of two Giggle and Hoot fans!).



James and Eleanor's Giggle and Hoot quilts have been a big hit; I'm so glad I got them done in time for the start of the cool weather. Almost every day both quilts are out on the sofa, and they both have them on at night, despite having other quilts for there.


I had to borrow the quilts quickly while Simon was out with the James and Eleanor and photograph them before they get too used! I took the photos in rather a rush, as it was starting to drizzle, and didn't notice until later that I hadn't quite centred the camera, so they don't look quite square.
I borrowed one on the sofa yesterday, and can't wait until I have the chance to put mine together. I'm almost wishing I'd bought minkee to back mine, too!
I quilted Eleanor's with a combination of wavy lines and loops, but did James' with a large stipple. It's an easy way to tell them apart.
They're pretty possessive of their quilts, but this afternoon while they were watching DVDs, James brought his to Eleanor for them to share


Xena said...

oh I love them Emma the quilts and the kiddies are so cute and cheerful.

Red Haired Girl said...

They look so snuggly Emma, great work. Beth has one similar with minky and chenille patches and she loves it. Although I backed it in cotton rather than minky.

Glad they love them so much.

Lily Mulholland said...

Just wonderful snuggle quilts Emma :) No wonder J&E love them!

Austy's Mum said...

Oooh FANTASTIC! What a great idea! Giggle and Hoot are favourites here too and my favourite part of the day is as I walk out of Austy's room carrying Madelyn after story time and say "Good night Austy, happy dreams, love you, see you in the morning!" And my little echo says "hoot hoot!" and giggles as she snuggles into my arms ready for bed.

Juni said...

Those quilts are fantastic! The colours are just beautiful and how cute are the little owls. I love that you've called it Hoot. Giggle and Hoot are very cool in this house too.

anne said...

Love Giggle & Hoot quilts so bright and colourful. Can you share the name of the pattern as would love to make one tooooo.