Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Owl quilt

I figured Nocturnal was a good name for this quilt, since it captures the nature of both the Owls and my quilting!
I off-set the owls in a simple background, but to give the final quilt a bit more zing, I added a pale cream starry flange to the binding. Fiddly but effective.
These photos in our lovely early afternoon sun show the quilting really well, from both the front and the back. I quilted in the ditch around each owl and the branch it sits upon, then Emmaed the background, which has left the owls almost 3-dimensional; see the last photo, taken from the side, to get an idea. The backing is actially a solid black.
Here are each of the owls in detail.
Only the cream neck and belly are the same on each owl, the rest of the fabrics are all different.
The eyes were embroidered with the full 6 strands of DMC thread - three strands doubled through the needle so it wasn't too hard to pull through the pieced owl.
Here's one from the side to show how it appears quite dimensional against the heavily quilted background.
Nocturnal will also be heading into my Etsy store in the coming weeks.


The Humming Cat said...

please please please please PLEASE let me know when there ready to go! Love them!

AJ said...

They look almost real!!

mjb said...

This is such a beautiful quilt & I'm very impressed by your skills!

Gina said...


Love and hugs Gina xxx

Juni said...

They look fantastic! Wow..