Thursday, 11 February 2010

Heart for Sale

Here are some more photos of Feathered Heart.
It's currently listed in my Etsy Shop
I'm really starting to enjoy feathering. I've got it worked out that I need the spine marked before I start, and I'm getting better at judging spaces - I used to do the swirls way too tight, leaving tiny, messy feathers at the top, now they're getting bigger, though I still think they're a little small. What I learned from this one is I should also mark a rough outline of where I want the feathers to reach, to get a nice outline shape. I don't know why I used to be so hesitant about marking quilt tops - it's not hard to do, and I have several options which all seem to come out easily and completely.
It seems to work better if the feathers plume from each other, rather than all coming from the edge; it gives the quilt more flow.
I also really like the effect of the double feathering, using a different colour. I think the extra line of hot pink inside the original pale pink feathers both helps the heart to stand out, and softens it a little.
I'd really like to get on with the snowflakes next, but only tronight got around to ordering the threads I'll need. I have a couple of swap quilts to make with looming deadlines, but although I have a design I love for one, I'm not motivated tos tart, which means I probably need to start again on the design.


Me aka Supermom said...

really pretty!

Linda said...

Simply gorgeous, Emma! You have such a talent. I hope this sells quickly for you.