Saturday, 29 November 2008

Quilt # 2364 (Sue's Quilt)

We gave Sue her quilt at the child care Christmas function this evening, after a last-minute photoshoot before we went. We happened to meet Sue at the gate, and James proudly told her we'd brought her quilt, so that may have reduced the surprise somewhat!
I ended up using Simon's name suggestion. I gather he thinks I make rather a lot! In fact, this is more accurately around Quilt # 67.
I asked the centre director to find out what colours Sue liked, and she came back saying 'pastels'. I worried that these might be rather bright pastels, but she seemed to love it.
Given the quilt is for a child care worker, I thought it appropriate to pose some shots on James and Eleanor's new swing set!
This was my first pieced back. The good quality white didn't come wide enough, so I used large rectangles of a selection of the fabrics used in the front. I rather like the effect!
I also liked the effect of the sun streaming through the verandah (although fortunately it was overcast for most of the photos). This might be inspiration for a later quilt.
And the label - using this year's child care photo!


Andi said...

What a very special gift.
Lucky Sue.

Cascade Lily said...

Well done Em. No wonder it was a big hit!