Monday, 20 September 2010

Jindy - my snuggle quilt

I have finally finished Jindy, my snuggle quilt, just as the weather is starting to warm up! Oh well, it will still be nice on the sofa, and will be ready for next winter!

I made it because I loved James and Eleanor's Giggle and Hoot quilts, and needed something for cold evenings on the sofa - on the rare occasions I'm not quilting! Or for afternoon naps when I've been up too late quilting the night before...

It's made entirely from flannel. About half are Valori Wells' fabrics, including her gorgeous owls from the Della range, some Sole, and some Urban Flannels. There are also a few Amy Butler Love prints, Sandi Henderson's Ginger Blossom and Farmer's Market, a plain white, and a few snowflake prints.

The photo above shows the quilt most accurately, but the one below shows the quilting better - click on either (or any other photo) for a closer look.

I used the feathery/swirly quilting design again on this quilt; it's becoming quite a favourite!

Here's a closer look:
Here's the label sewn in place. As I mentioned in my post about labels yesterday,  Jindy is the familiar name for Jindabyne, a lovely town near the New South Wales ski fields, which comes alive in winter. It's about half an hour from Perisher and Thredbo, and a lot of people stay in and around Jindabyne while they're skiing. While we lived in Canberra, we stayed there on our ski holidays, quite often in one of the large houses just outside the town, with a big group of friends. JIndabyne is only a couple of hours from Canberra, which made day-trips possoible when the snow was great - something I definitely miss!


Maree: said...

This Quilt is just Gorgeous...Love the Fresh Colours & your Quilting is Beautiful...

Doreen , Houston, MN, USA said...

Love the quilting. Will try to imitate it on a floral quilt top I have just finished! And I certainly would find it snuggly here now as our weather begins to flow into our fall and winter. I promise to return it, lovingly "broken in" in the "spring"!!:-D

Megan Wilmore said...

Love it! The colours are amazing!!