Monday, 6 September 2010

Hush & Brush

Edit (August 2011): This quilt is currently for sale in my Etsy shop.

This is a quilt I finished about a year ago, but somehow never blogged except for a few progress shots.

Hush and Brush is named after the kittens in The Color Kittens, a book I loved as a child, and which my children now enjoy. It reminded me of this page:

The whole quilt started from a mistake -I accidentally cut the lyrebird 'tail' for another quilt from the wrong fabric, and didn't want to waste it. So I cut a whole lot more from a rainbow of other fairy frosts, and played until I came up with this layout. That's why my working title for this quilt was 'tails'!
This was the first quilt I quilted on my new machine, and I was having some problems.
This was also my first go at McTavishing - I think I've improved a bit in the last 12 months!

I really liked the flange/peeper border on this.
I've hung onto it for a while, but am thinking I'm ready to put it in my Etsy store soon - please contact me if you're interested.


Anne D said...

It is gorgeous. I would love to try and make one.

West Michigan Quilter said...

How beautiful. I love the clear colors and the McTavishing quilting. Awesome!

Chris said...

Lovely work.

MARIKA said...

Very beautiful quilt duvet !kind colours

Miss Nancy said...

Fantastic quilt, gorgeous! Love the way the colors show on the white. The quilting is fantastic. Super good work.

Have a super great day.