Monday, 11 August 2008

Revealed! Four Seasons Quilt Swap - Summer

I think it's now safe to post photos of the full quilt; I've noticed my recipient lurking in here over the last week!
It's foundation-pieced Radiant New York Beauty blocks, with flowers and butterflires appliqued broderie-perse style.
I've never made such a small quilt before, and enjoyed the experience once I got over the challenge of fitting a design into such a small space. I hadn't fully realised just how small 20" was until I started!
I had fun quilting the 'hidden' symbols into the corners (blogged here):
TL: a Christmas tree, because summer in Australia means Christmas
BL: the South Australian floral emblem; the Sturt desert pea
BR: a snowflake, because the quilt was made in our winter
TR: the recipients' state' floral emblem


jovaliquilts said...

Gorgeous!! That is such a beautiful, fun, creative quilt. Your swap partner must be in heaven, right up there with that beautiful sun.

Leah said...

It's beautiful - lovely design and execution!

Belinda said...

That is absolutely stunning! Your swap partner must be very impressed!

Helen said...

Looks great Emma! Warming you up for the EB dolls quilt swap hey?

Cascade Lily said...

A very nice mini quilt! 20" is small isn't it?!!

katelnorth said...

Ooh, this is lovely - wish it was mine, but I guess it can't be, as I haven't been lurking here. Oh well!

Jo said...

its just lovely Emma and I have just found out about a new applique technique in the process - broderie-perse. having just googled it, I now want to try it!

Mothership said...

Ooh Emma, so bright and sunny! You have captured Summer perfectly. Makes me look forward to all the glowing fun of warmer days. :)