Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Hushabye quilt needs a name

Here's the completed Hushabye stars quilt. I want to give it to it's new owner tomorrow, but have to come up with a name first, so I can label it!

My design was inspired by this quilt, but of course I had to design my own. I think this works really well as a pastel quilt with contrast.

I semi-fussycut some of the star centres to be sure that some of the owls, rabbits and ducks showed - though the owls are too big to fit completely.

I quilted it in white 50wt Guterman 100% cotton, with white bottomline in the bobbin. I used a different pattern inspired by a few drawings I've seen, which I think originally came from the inspirational Carla.

I'm calling the pattern 'sunny' - which is kind of ironic since I quilt late at night!

Here's a segment up close.

The rest of the household returned late tonight, so my peace is over (and as predicted, my list incomplete!) but I have some fun activities to look forward to in he next few days -  first a facial and hair appointment alone, then baking, jewellery-making and reindeer-food preparation all with James and Eleanor.


Annie of Blue Gables said...

I thought you were asking us to name it, so as I looked at the pictures a name formed in my head. I was rather pleased to see what you named it.
I was going to call it "Starry Daze" or "Starry Days"
It is beautiful. I wish I were as speedy as you.

Linda said...

I'd name it "Wish Upon Twenty Stars." It's really pretty, Emma. Thanks for sharing your Sunny quilting design. It's wonderful and I'd love to try it on one of my own quilts.