Thursday, 18 December 2008

Our Favourite Star

I finally finished the binding on this quilt last week, then had to wait until Monday for decent weather to photograph it. It should now be nearing its Queensland destination.
It's a present for Jackie, who was James' favourite carer until she moved interstate a few months ago. She was wonderful looking after both children, but James was especially attached. Even though she wasn't based in the babies' room when James was there, hers was the first name he learned. And when he went through his stage of being unhappy when I dropped him off, Jackie was always there with a cuddle to distract him effectively.
Before she left, I had the centre directotr find out her favourite colours (can you guess what they are?!) but had to finish a fe other quilts for deadlines before I could start on this. The centre of each block is some of my favourite Farmers' Market range. I had to augment my stash of pinks and greens to get the right shades; the greens were especially hard to find. The problem with my LQS, is that by now if I'm looking for colours I don't have, they probably don't have them either, since I have so much from there!
I used their child care photo on the label:
Now I just hope that she doesn't think a quilt is too strange a gift in her new tropical location!!!


Leah said...

Just lovely, Emma - I'm sure she'll like it :)

Helen said...

I love this one Ema, one of my favourites of yours. Lovely!