Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Bonus quilt!

While we were at Pt Hughes, I thought I'd make something with the remaining spare pink and green Farmers' Market stars. I'd designed it a while ago, and needing few fabrics (already chosen - it seemed ideal to take. I made all the 8in alternate diamond-in-a square blocks, and laid them out to realise that for some obscure reason, I'd made the stars as 8.5in blocks, and the two just weren't going to go together! And of course I didn't have enough of either the green or pink to redo them (though more are now on their way!).

I need to photograph it properly, but refuse to go out unnecessarily in this hideous 41-degree heat, so these were taken quickly in airconditioned comfort! Even up in the relative cool of the hills, my shaded front porch is 37 degrees!

So I dug through the small stash I'd taken with me (a 30L tub packed as full as I could get it!) which was fortunately in coordinating types of colours, and made new star blocks, and made a whole new quilt!

It has no name (and therefore no label) and no destination! But with the number of babies arriving this year that I'm making quilts for, surely a few will be girls? And when one arrives, the quilt will gain a name, label and destination.

The only quilting is a small pink stipple on all the white in the blocks, and a slightly larger stipple in the borders.

I did visit 3 small quilt shops while we were away in the hopes of finding what I wanted, but other than 2 plain backings, found nothing. The main shop is extremely country in style, and the colours are too dull for my liking, The others are smaller but with nicer ranges; one lovely and fresh, and the other had great blenders - and some Prints Charming fabrics I'm about to ring them about. The end results of all my sewing are that I'm going to end up making 2 very similar quilts, and, wait for it..... my stash has gone down - although only temporarily!

Stash = 988m


AJ said...

I has always liked that pink butterfyl material in the border...whorks well here too

Great Job Emma!!

Margaret aka Supermom said...

Ahh, so sweet. Would look dashing in my Sophie's room!