Thursday, 6 September 2007

Worth fighting over?

While I was taking a few more photos of the quilt before sending it
this was going on directly below me!
The stand-off lasted about half an hour of Shadow barking and the possum hissing after I gave up trying to coax him out with treats (even chocolate didn't work!) while I fed Eleanor. Eventually I pushed Shadow away with long broom, which gave the possum the chance to run off and up a tree to safety. Neither seem injured!


Austy's Mum said...

Wow - great shot of the possum puppy stand-off! You caught all the action! Glad he got away safely, he looks like a young one. The quilt looks divine as always! I must admit I wasn't sure on the "heaviness" of the colours when I first saw your sneak peaks, but it all looks so beautiful together. And you finished it in NO time!

Helen said...

Wow Emma, the colours are so rich, looks great. I'm always a bit scraed to use black but you have carried this off fantastically! :)

Juni said...

I love these two photos - the serenity and the chaos!