Monday, 12 January 2009

Star of Spring

I promise this is my last post of the night!

This is my first quilt of the year, a mini quilt made as one of my Pay it Forward commitments:

I really like the expanded block design (I made it up using EQ5), and am considering doing a larger quilt with the full block sometime - if I have the patience! One wasn't too bad, but it was slow getting the points to (mostly) meet.

And the back - though it doesn't look quite as effective once the hanging sleeve and label have obscured some of the quiting!

I tried some matching fmq over the centre flower - I'm still not sure about it. I dithered for ages whether to unpick it all, but my mother in law helped convince me it looks ok - and it would have taken ages to unpick!
Those little hearts were a right pain. I marked them, and fmqed the first - a dismal failure! So I did them with the walking foot very slowly, and only had to redo another few.
And I'm completely in love with the binding stripe!

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Austy's Mum said...

I think the centre quilting is perfect - not at all dodgy. Glad you didn't unpick it. Thanks again!