Friday, 27 June 2008


I finally indulged in some of Anna Maria Horner's Chocolate Lollipop range. Delicious! I do have a project in mind for the chocolate and aqua print, but that will depend on whether the little bundle turns out to be a girl or not! I'm so pressed for time, I figure I won't have a chance to start before he or she is born, anyway!
While Eleanor had her nap today, James had another play in the garden while I photographed the Pooh quilt. I've found 3-4 4-inch strips of wide double-sided tape are enough to secure a small quilt to a surface, even uneven ones! By using a few lower on the quilt as well, I can get it beautifully flat for photographing; just a pity I can't get the camera to cooperate and a) stay in foucs at the edges and b) not distort so even my perfectly squared quilts look wonky! While the garden is nice and green, it's great for more creative quilt photos, and I have a few different ideas up my sleeve for next time.

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