Wednesday 10 October 2018

Diving Rings

This is actually a quilt I completed before I stopped blogging - but it was still under wraps and sent off to Homespun magazine.
The 2015 issue is of course now long out of print, but I've been working hard to get a lot of my designs available as patterns, and this one is in my Etsy store.
I had loads of fun quilting this one, although it was so dense it took rather longer than I'd allowed for. I love the bubbles in the water.
Although it doesn't show up so much, the directional quilting along the pieced blue panels helps tie them together.
The rings were based on the pool toys my kids enjoy playing with so much when we go to the pool in summer - although somehow this quilt evokes images of deep diving in the Antarctic for me!

I'd always planned that this quilt would go nicely in the new room we were planning (and have now built - I'll share some photos of that at some point too) but somehow even though it would go perfectly with the deep blue feature wall, we've not hung it there.


celkalee said...

You have been missed! Your talent always amazed me. I made a quilt with rings for a great nephew a couple years ago. Such fun, love your design.

Sandy Panagos said...

It's a great quilt and all the quilting on it is gorgeous. I especially like the swirls inside the rings being different from the rest of the water as the rings float to the bottom!

FlourishingPalms said...

This is such a lovely design. As you might read in my latest blog post, I too am enamored of rings/circles! Even though we're across the ocean from one another, we're thinking similarly. Your quilting, as ever, is gorgeous.

2ne said...

Love your quilt