Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Hidden Star

Here's my first quilt photographed with ym new camera I'm thrilled with the improvement in clarity around the edges of the quilt, though I still have a lot to learn to get the best of of the camera.

Hidden Star is ready to give to one of the staff at James and Eleanor's chid care centre when she returns from holiday next week. It's around 55" square.

While I can't say I particularly like this quilt, I am really pleased with the effect of the quilting. I'm really hoping the staff I make quilts for this year do NOT choose pastels!

The feathery design was inspierd by Carla.

However, If I were quiting again, I'd just mirror the triangular feathers in the alternate squares, rather than do the weird two-size fleur-de-lis type things I ended up with.

I actually quilted the narrow border after binding it. I wanted to see how it would look unquilted ( it looked unfinished!) but I also felt that I risked distorting the border and therefore the quilt shape if I quilted it first.

It's been finished a while, waiting for time, suitable weather, and the new camera; this was the last quilt of 2009.


Gina said...

Like you I'm noyt a pastel person, bu tthe quilt looks nice. I love the quilting on it. Thanks for the idea of binding before quilting the narrow final border. I've just sandwiched a quilt with a narrow final border so I may copy your idea.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Anonymous said...

Looks gorgeous!!

Joan said...

Absolutely love your quilts!
Fantastic...Wish I could work out my feathers as you do. Your quilts are wonderful...thanks for sharing

Fulvia said...

What a lovely quilt! Thank you for showing it to us.