Thursday, 5 December 2013

Etsy sale

I have been adding a few quilts (below) to my Etsy store, and am offering a 10% discount on all in-stock quilts and patterns (i.e. everything except custom-made quilts) throughout December 2013. Just enter "SPACE" at checkout and the discount will be applied.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Melted Icecream

Melted Icecream is an appropriate name for this quilt which is scheduled to post while I'm out at a family picnic on a hot day for the start of summer!

I made Melted Icecream as a quick summer project for Australian Patchwork and Quilting, and it's the cover quilt on the new issue, Vol 23 No 3.

I chose to use the beautiful roll of 2.5in pastel batik strips I won in a blog giveaway some time ago (shown below with the backing and the subtle snowflake I used as a background). And apart from the border, all the background is 2.5in strips, too. Select 24 coloured strips, and the parts of the strips that aren't used in the blocks are used to make the binding - very economical!

It comes together really quickly, especially if you use pre-cut strips, and is nice and easy, and there are no seams to match within the blocks!

The blocks are actually square - and simple as they look, it took me a while to draft them just how I wanted. As I was piecing them, it made me think of going around the corner to the deli for an ice cream as a child. The local deli closed just after we bought our house - pre-children - but not far away there's a lovely café near our local playground, so James and Eleanor get ice creams from there.

Yet again I quilted this with my favourite open feather pattern. My excuse is that a quick summer quilt needs quick quilting! I chose a glossy pale yellow Glide thread, which adds a nice sheen.

Starting in 2 weeks, I have a month off work over Christmas and New Year and am planning lots of activities and relaxing with the children - and lots of quilting for all of us. But I'm hoping (weather-wise) for a short summer and a speedy return to the current, balmy days.

Christmas is coming

While I was blog-reading today, I came across a lovely post by Frances, who had been inspired by my Winter Baubles quilt (below).

She took the idea and made it her own, and the results are delightful:

(shared with permission)

I just love the different layout with the swag of foliage across the top, and they way the more selective quilting creates prettier patterns on the baubles. A lovely way to roll into December and a nice reminder that even though we don't get our tree until the week before Christmas, it might be time to hang my Christmas quilts and enjoy them! Thank you for sharing, Frances!