Thursday, 30 July 2009


I'm trying out the gloves I've seen recommended on a few blogs recently; Ansell hyflex from the supermarket. They're great, although with a lot of stopping and starting in this quilting design, they're not the easiest when snipping threads. But they are saving my hands, arms and shoulders a lot of strain; well worth a few dollars! This quilt is about 3/4 quilted and going well apart from some irritating stitch-skipping as I reverse back up the first plume of each feather. And yes, I have a fresh topstitch needle, and just cleaned out the bobbin area.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009


Today I prepared two quilts for quilting. I finished the tops, cut into my roll of batting, layered and pinned them ready to go tomorrow.

The top one is finally using the leftover blocks from another quilt after a mishap here when I made the alternate blocks the wrong size. It's destined for my cousin's daughter, who's likely to arrive on Thursday.The second one is for a friend's baby girl who is already a few weeks old and is a variation on my Breaking Surf.
Both quilts are likely to be quilted almost the same as their predecessors; the first because I can't see another sensible option, and the second because I can't wait to try those feathers again; I hope they work as well as they did the first time!

Monday, 27 July 2009


Thank you to Margaret, Adds and Anita for helping me ot find the fabric! Margaret and Adds both pointed me to the very site I'd linked to - and they were right! I'd assumed that N/A in the information meant the fabric wasn't available, but it seems that it meant that some of the information about the fabric (the designer) wasn't available. I now have lot of lilac and some pink, green and aqua on the way, and, with many thanks to Anita, a link for the navy as well. Anita even managed to pick up some lilac in her searches for me!

Thank you my blogging friends!

Saturday, 25 July 2009


I would desperately love to get my hands on more of this fabric:
It is Leaves from the Luminosity range by Red Rooster, and is probably 3-4 years old. I've almost used all of mine, and would love a little or a lot - I'd happily buy 5 metres of it! You can see more of the range here. It's the lilac I really want, but I'd also like to get my hands on some of the pink, and there was also a navy blue I'd like more of.
UPDATE - Found, thank you!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009


I love this block, although it's a little tedious to piece. I have 2 more full rotations of pieces to add to each of the 16 blocks.
I'm almost repeating this quilt for another friend's baby, because as well as loving the design, I really enjoyed quilting the feathers in the waves, and wanted to do more. This quilt has black and white feature centre squarea, and will be also bound in the black and white, and will have a little pale greeny-yellow as well, just to make it a bit different.

Monday, 20 July 2009


Coming soon...


Simon took James to the Boat Show yesterday. Whenever there's facepainting on offer, james chooses the same thing - a PINK Butterfly, please!!!

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Sunday Stash

30m of Matilda's Own wool/cotton batting (bought at wholesale price, saving me about 40%) and will hopefully last over a year. It's very tightly rolled, and rather heavy.


Eleanor was quite fascinated with a millipede she saw on the study floor the other day. James has recently taken to collecting a 'mummy' and a 'baby' (both the same size) as pets and putting them in a plastic container, then giving them a drink (and unwittingly drowning them in the process). After a little encouragement, she decided to pat it...
...but was rather horrified when this resulted in it curling into a tight spiral!
It didn't take long until she was peering intently again, waiting for it to uncoil.


Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration, but...

As you may have noticed in some of my quilt photos, we have a creek running through the front garden. In summer it doesn't actually flow, though it trickles along most of the rest of the year.
But we've had a lot of rain recently, and it's rushing along nicely, making a wonderful sound.
Usually the water is a couple of metres below the bridge. But when Simon went to look when he got home late the other night, it was about a metre higher than usual. By the time we went out the next morning it as much lower again.
I didn't spend much time taking the photos; being more concerened about James' and Eleanor's safety!
If it wasn't so cool, and a somewhat risky environment for James and Eleanor, it would be lovely to spend more time out there, listening.


Learning early!


Last Saturday we went to Simon's parents' for breakfast with the family. Far too early for me, but we had a great day! The baby on my lap below is my youngest niece, her 2-year-old sister ducked away before the photos.
James terrorised his aunt who'd be out partying until 3am (quilting until 3am may leave me tired, but at least not hung-over!)
Then we went down to a bookstore at Glenelg so James and Eleanor could meet Spot. You might be able to see, Eleanor took her little Spot along to meet him, too!
Then we wandered down Jetty Road and let James and Eleanor run around and play near Moseley Square.
We should have family days more often!


Here is my first Inchie quilt. I've named it Inch by Inch and it's my contribution to the ALQS3 Art Quilt Swap.
The actual quilt is 21in wide and 18in high, with a total height of 26.5in. Click on any photo to see more detail.
The quilt top is made of black, chocolate and cream velvet and cream satin, and backed with chocolate quilters' cotton. I faced rather than bound it to keep the front simple. The chocolate is easier to see in person
The 25 inchies are made from quilters' fabrics, edged with rayon satin-stitch, quilted and then embellished with a selection of seed and bugle beads, crystals, ribbon, jewellery findings, feature beads and two hand-made tassels.
The inchies are attached using permanent glue (and the hanging ones by beading thread) but although the whole thing is technically washable, it probably would be best not to!
It's very simply quilted, because experimentation on a scrap of the cream velvet showed FMQ was likely to end in a mess - and probably tears! And because it's hard to see anyway!
Here are a few close-ups:
This fabric has a little blue in it, so I used some subtle pale blue beads:
This fabric resulted in some great inchies:
The embellishment on this is a flattened bead-cap with a small round bead:

Friday, 17 July 2009


Last night's single, unembellished Inchie became, after an enjoyable shopping trip for extra fabric, beads, ribbons, threads, crystals..... a set of 25 complete Inchies.
I'm getting better at them, although they're a long way from perfect. Below are some of my favourites.
Click on any of the photos for a closer look.
I left one unembellished, because I like it so much as it is. I have also made the velvet quilt they will go on, although it still requires more quilting. And naturally, I have little balls of velvety fluff over everything!

Thursday, 16 July 2009


My very first Inchie - prior to embellishment tomorrow. It doesn't look much, does it?! I need to find all my beads and long-disused embroidery threads and see what I can come up with. I have another 24 lined-up ready, but need to get some more rayon threads to edge them in the right colours.

Monday, 13 July 2009


A little while ago I won Inchie Art from the inspirational Nadine at DreamWeaver's Quilts. And just look at the perfect quilt she made me! This piece of art is embellished with 1in square 'quilts' (Inchies). Each one is individually embellished and unique, and is absolutely perfect.
Aren't they amazing?
They're all so well designed, I can't choose a favourite, but I am especially partial to these plummy ones.
Nadine has just had her Inchie Quilts book published...
... and I've already got myself an autographed copy.
You can get yourself a copy from Nadine's Studio, along with all the necessary ingredients to make your very own inchies. The instructions are really simple, and it's full of beautiful quilts and ideas.

Thank you Nadine!


More McTavishing on....

Sunday, 12 July 2009


I promised to knit James and Eleanor new scarves this winter. But after the knitting shop way overestimated the yarn required for each (4 balls, when 1 was plenty) I decided to make them matching scarves for their 2 favourite toys each, and had a go at matching hats - my first attempt at anything shaped.
Here's Eleanor with her hat, scarf, and 2 teddy scarves; I'm pretty proud of my efforts, and she seems pretty pleased, too!
James has to wait, because I'm redoing his hat, which turned out a bit big.