Friday, 30 November 2007

At last!

The professional photos we had taken of Eleanor at 6 weeks have arrived. I am writing an update on Eleanor now, but will post these photos first, so as not to overload Blogger! They're similar to the photos we have of James; now I just have to fork out even more to get them framed and work out where to hang them. The first isn't as high quality as the others; I had to scan it from the original as the only enlargement is too big for the scanner!

Very late - Eleanor's 4m quilt photo

Here is the 4-month-old photo of Eleanor on her quilt - it was taken on the day, but didn't get blogged. Not long until the next one, now!


Today's photo was taken in June 1980. I was almost excatly the age James is now; 2 years and 1 month. Helping Daddy doing something in our garden.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

WIP Wednesday

Today's WIP is the 2nd DIN surprise ready for quilting. And as Simon organised for his parents to have James tonight while he is in Hobart, I might actually get it done this evening.
But my photo is of me making my first machine-pieced quilt. It's an Around-the-World, marked with pen and cut with scissors. At least I was strip-piecing it! I came across the photo a few days ago. It's from 1993; so obviously I was mistaken that I learned to quilt in 1994!

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Sunrise to Sunset

The first of my quilty surprises for members of my Due In November 2005 EB group was received today, so here it is.
The lovely mum is scheduled for a ceasarean tomorrow, expecting a little sister for her 2-year-old boy. She was having a bad day, so I was pleased it arrived to cheer her a little.
I have several more up my sleeve, but will struggle to get them done in time. My sewing room will be out of action from Saturday for about 5 days while we have some long-awaited visitors; my friend from Melbourne and her 2 boys aged 2 3/4 and 3 months. The 3-month-old weighs almost 2kg more than Eleanor!

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Flashback Friday - transport

I couldn't find the photo I really wanted; the family at the boot of the car getting into ski boots etc, ready for a day on the slopes (in the days when we used to stay off-mountain and drive up 30 winding kms every day). So instead, here I am on the tractor (ok, self-rolling sprinkler) aged 1 1/2.

Friday, 16 November 2007

Stash update

I thought it was time to see how much closer I am to the kilometre-mark. After adding my latest purchases (excluding that destined for immediate projects) and subtracting some recently used, the current estimate is 642m. It could be time to try and use some of it. Maybe?

Ah, who am I kidding?!

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Thursday's Threads

Well, it was still Thursday when I started this, so it counts!
In exciting news, I had a letter from AP&Q, and 'Eleanor's Quilt' will be in Vol 16 No 11, on sale 6th June 2008. A long wait to see it in print, but still a thrill. I have to have everything to them by mid January (so I expect a panic in early January!).
I had a productive day despite Eleanor only catnapping most of the day. One of my DIN Surprises is nearly complete. I sandwiched and started quilting last night, finished the quliting today, and machine the binding to the front tonight. Just have to sign it and hand stitch the binding down now. I had hoped to get it in the mail tomorrow, but Monday is looking far more realistic. Just a few peeks until it is finished, sent and received. This is some of the quilting from the back:
I have my mother visiting tomorrow, with one or both of my grandmothers. James is looking forward to it, but even explaning to him that the sooner he goes to bed, the sooner he'll see them, didn't get him in bed properly until 10.15pm! I suppose that's what you get when he sleeps in until almost 10am; just a pity Eleanor didn't this morning!

James' turn again

From this

to this
in 2 short years!

I'm not sure sometimes whether they should be called the Terrible-Twos or the Terrific-Twos. Between tantrums, James is delightful. He's less and less a baby and more and more a little boy. But wow, he has those tantrums down-pat. No-one teaches them, but they all know the routine - face down (or to the front door?!), bang fists and feet, and carry on as though their world is ending. About shoes being off instead of on. Or because I dared to offer a drink at the wrong time. Or because we can't do everything NOW!

But it's all worth it to see and hear him delight in the smallest things. Every evening without fail, when he hears Simon come home, James squeals "Daddy!" and runs to the door to meet him. He then usually demands his "spa nappy on", and they head outside together. As the warmer weather and longer evenings arrive, they'll also go the the nearby park some evenings.

But the thing I'm finding most enjoyable at the moment is the way little things are triggering memories for him, and the way he shares them. Over and over! Mention tractors or dust etc., and he tells us how the digger made lots of dust breaking the concrete while demolishing the house opposite my parents’ place. Mention Christmas or pageant, and he gets excited all over again about waving to Father Christmas at the pageant.
And over a week later he’s still giggling over Cocoa landing in the spa with us – “Cocoa SWIM! He he he!!!” (We take both kids in, and they love it. But Cocoa the Uncoordinated likes to jump up on the edge, and jumped too far last week.) He recognises planes and their noise, and reminds us that Simon's parents stopped at the airport viewing area with him to watch a 747; "Aeroplane take off, plane in sky!".

(With cousin Zoe at his party)

James has also started some imaginitive play. Bec (his oddly-named rabbit) cuddles Ra (Roar, the lion), flies, and shares his drinks. He also makes 'quito' noises and 'bites' us (after an unfortunate afternoon in the garden without a nappy, where he got huge red bites all over his bum!). AS well as his vocabulary., his pronounciation is coming along in leaps and bounds. Suddenly around his birthday 'pappy' became nappy. We knew he could say it; "Say NNNNNappy." "nnnnnn Pappy!" Grin! Sofie is now sofa, boffle is now bottle, and sadly cuggle is becoming cuddle! He still striggles with 'L', but that will come.

Saturday, 10 November 2007

A late Flashback - Families

We have loads of group photos of my family; both my mother's and my father's side.

The first is my mothers' side; Gran and Grandad, all my uncles and aunts (though 2 uncles have remarried) and all the cousins but one. Those of us here are all within 4.5 years of each other; the last one didn't arrive until the youngest of this group was 10. Note the cat snuck in? Albert, I think. January 1981; I'm front left in the blue dress.

Here is the same family again 3 years later; I'm in front of Gran, wearing a white tshirt.

And here is my father's side in January 1985. Grandma, Grandpa and all aunts, uncles and cousins present; amazingly the only change since this, in January 1985, was the loss of Gaandpa 3 years ago! I'm in the front, to Grandma's right.

Monday, 5 November 2007

Oops! I did it again!

Eleanor and I went to some quilt shops today. Somehow we came away with 18m of gorgeous fabric, plus batting and backing for 4 small quilts. How did that happen?

We started miles away where Joy had told they had at least 30% off all fabrics..
Then to the shop at the end of Joy's street 'on the way home' where I picked up some backings and a few more treats...
And finally to my 'local' quilt shop, for the last things on my list, plus some...
I'll have to work out later what my recent extravagances have brought my stash to.

I had meant last week to blog James' 2nd birthday. You may have noticed it didn't happen! Maybe this week. And it's nearly time for Eleanor's next monthly photo on her quilt... In the meantime, here are a few quick photos of the two together.

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Thursday's Threads

This week's WIP is the first of several DIN05 Surprises. The top is complete and awaiting some backing so I can sandwich and quilt it. Just a sneak-peek of this one.

I ordered most of the fabric for Leia's quilt through eQuilter and they arrived through the week. Then this morning, the feature fabrics that Leia had bought arrived, and here is my starting palette:

The toile and stripe are the feature fabrics. The right column is all the same designer (and the same range except the cream the the bottom). The bottom-left is an attempt to include some pink; her daughter's favourite colour! I'm itching to start on some test-blocks, but have a more urgent project at hand.

Of course, while I was putting in an order, I couldn't resist a few things for myself...

Now I need to get on with the DIN Surprise mentioned in my previous post WANTED! and see what fabrics I can find in my stash.


For one of my DIN Surprises, I need a range of marbles/batiks or similar style fabrics in sunrise/sunset colours like these. They go from aquas and even a touch of soft green through blue, purple, pink and peach, into soft oranges and yellows. Pieces only need to be 3x2.5", up to about 12" square. If you have any you'd be able to swap with me, I'd be delighted to exchange with you your choice of fabric size/shape/style/colour from my extensive stash!
The only 'but' - the baby is due in under a month, so I need to get to work ASAP!