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Some examples of my quilting and the category they come under. Not all quilting designs will fall neatly into once category; they can be tailored to suit your needs.

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Allover quilting
e.g. Feather meander
       Large swirls

(Heart-shaped open feather meander; customer quilt)

(Large-scale loops and wavy lines, on minky backing; 'Hoot')
(Large sun allover pattern; 'Hushabye Stars')
(Allover open feather meander, from back; customer quilt)
Dense Allover quilting
e.g. Freeform feathers
       Triple paisley/swirl/double feathers

(Freehnd feather and swirl combination, flannel backing; 'Jindy')
(Clamshells; 'Happiness')
(Freehand feather and swirl combination; customer quilt)
(Echo feather/paisley/swirl; 'Feathered Friends')
(Lines of Figure-8s; 'Colour Play')

(Freehand gumleaves and connecting loops; 'Whispers')
(Small curlicues; customer quilt)
Allover Plus quilting
e.g. Some quilting in the ditch or echo quilting
       Small amounts of McTavishing, Pebbling
       Different border quilting (no marking)
(Allover feather meander Plus echo/ditch quilting around applique; customer quilt)
(Allover curlicues Plus single feather plume; customer quilt)

(Allover freehand feather/swirl flowers Plus echo/ditch quilting and dense filler in centre; customer quilt)

(Allover curlicues Plus small swag border - unmarked; 'In the Pink')
(Allover heart feather meander Plus separate border; customer quilt)
Any marking is custom quilting

Light Custom quilting

(Areas of large pebbling, plus detail quilting, combined with an allover in the background areas; customer quilt)
(Freehand feathers, some ditch quilting, freehand border; 'Nectar')
(Some marked motifs combined with freehand fillers; 'Reflections')
(Ares of dense stippling combined with lots of ditch quilting; 'Sweetness')
(Combination of custom feathers, ditch quilting and stippling; 'Soft as a Feather')
Custom quilting

(Above and below from back, custom feathers, McTavishing, marked motifs, ditch quilting, multiple borders; 'Hush in the Forest')

(Extensive ditch quilting, custom feathers, piano-key border, dense fillers; 'Feathered Friends')
(Custom feathers, separate borders, freehand motifs; 'Lilac Soda')
(Custom freehand feather motifs; 'Hidden Star')

(Above and detail below - extensive ditch quilting, many customised fillers, individual block treatment; customer quilt)

(Above and detail below - custom marked feathers, centre motif and curved cross-hatching, pianokey borders; 'Pink Feathers')
(Custom feathers, marked swag and pianokey borders; 'Stars of the Sea')
(Freehand sky with cloud effect, separate sun treatment, detail quilting on trees...; 'Footsteps')
(Feathers, second border, ditch quilting, freehand fillers..., 'Nurture')
(Freehand fancy feathers; Adds' quilt - 'Flying Feather Filler')
(Custom marked feather and individual swirl motifs; 'Cuggle')

Other fancy quilting examples

(Above and detail below - Wholecloth quilt featuring a large selection of dense filler patterns in different colour threads; 'May')

(McTavishing, trapunto, dense fillers...; 'Crowing')
(Small wholecloth quilt on black, marked feathers, freehand echoing; 'Feathered Flake')
(Small wholecloth using silver metallic thread, McTavishing background fill; 'Snowcrystal')
(Extensive ditch quilting and McTavishing; 'Bountiful Winter')
(Different border treatments; 'Footsteps')

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Kathleen Perry said...

Your quilts are so unique. You have a lot of beautiful quilts!