Quilting FAQs

(under construction - please ask if you have further questions!)

How big is my quilt?

To work out the size of your quilt, measure the length and width of your completed top, and multiply these to give the size in square inches.

To work out the perimeter of your quilt fof binding costs, add the length and the width together, then multiply by 2.

How do I estimate the quilting cost?

To estimate the quilting cost; multiply the size of your quilt in inches by the square inch price of the selected type of quilting, then add any extra services required. For example, to calculate the price of quilting a 60 x 80in single bed quilt in an allover pattern, plus batting and machining your pre-made binding to the quilt top, then hand-stitching it to the back
quilting: 60in x 80in = 4800sq in, so 4800 x $0.025            $120.00
batting: (60in + 8in) x 2.54 = 173cm, so 1.73m x $20        $  34.60
binding: (60in + 80in) x 2 = 280in, so 280 x $0.28             $  78.40
Total cost                                                                     = $233.00

How do I convert inches and centimetres?

1in = 2.54cm
1cm = .39in

Can I post my quilt top to you for quilting?

Yes, but remember that return postage is at your expense. I am happy to register your quilt on return.

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