Sunday, 23 December 2007

Merry Christmas!

James and Eleanor have been to see Father Christmas.
After James' enthusiasm, and talking about it for days, he got a bit shy, so we sat nearby for 15 minutes watching and waving before we went closer. Luckily that was all I had planned for the morning! Of course, by the time I was paying for the photos, he was right into it, and ran into another child's photos! Eleanor was rather tired, but was quite content to sit there!

The "Father Christmas Tree" is up.
And here are a few photos and a quick update.
We got our Jolly Jumper back from James and Eleanor's cousin, and Eleanor loves it.
James decided he'd have another go, too!
Eleanor has discovered her feet, and loves playing with them.
She also likes standing (although usually needs holding).
She continues to be very smiley, and laughs a lot. She even enjoys James' enthusiastic cuddles.
And James is still being James, learning new words at an incredible rate, and parroting us repeatedly! He's also using some correct grammar (i.e. "Mummy's driving the car", instead of Mummy drive car"). His biggest thrill is to collect the mail, then sit on my lap and 'drive' from the gate to the carport.
I have wrapped most of the presents, and am just waiting on some Trash Ties for a couple of people. They have only just been released, and have been in hot demand, so my fingers are crossed they make it to Australia by Christmas.
Happy Holidays!


ingrid said...

Merry Christmas! The santa pic is lovely. this is the first year we have missed but I didn't want to push my little guy too much.

I would love to know what you think of the trash ties when they arrie. I was going to get some for presents as well but was too worried about them arriving in time. Maybe I will just have to get some for myself after the Christmas rush.

Helen said...

Love the Santa pict Emma. Miss E is growing up so quickly!