Monday, 7 April 2008

Wild Wind

It's been a bit quiet in here, because the recipient of my current quilt reads my blog - and this one is meant to be a surprise. I was just plannning to show you the quilting from the back tonight, but since the actual unnamed recipient (literally!) arrived this afternoon and her mum should be safely in hospital away from her internet access, you get a peek at the front, too! I can't quite finish it though; I need a name and a photo for the label.

It was hard to show the quilting - it was late afternoon so little natural light and it's hard enough to show red stitching on black as it is! The flash washed it out rather.

This is the centre of the quilt top. I named it Wild Wind, because with all the red swirls, it has turned out into a much wilder pattern than I had fully anticipated! I used the Advanced Set templates from Louisa L Smith's Strips'n'Curves and will be trying somthing else using the same technique another time.

The curves came together fairly well, but despite spending an age checking and rechecking when cutting the templates from the strata, still managed to have some of they WAY out of alignment!


Louise said...

Incredible design, and your piecing looks flawless to me!

Cyliebug said...

That is amazing Emma. You almost make me want to start on my Karen Stone one again.