Sunday, 10 April 2011

DQS10 quilt received

Here is the gorgeous DQS10 quilt I received during the week from Susan at PatchworknPlay.

I know how fiddly feathered stars are to piece, so I really appreciate the work involved in this one. Funnily enough, Susan foundation-pieced hers, which is the same way I did mine!

I love the way Susan has used colour to create even more movement in the design.

And as usual, the restrained use of hand-quilting really adds something. I can't bring myself to spend the time it would take to hand-quilt properly, but I admire those who do. The centre even has little French-knots as well!

Thank you Susan!

And I heard last night that the quilt I sent has been received, and Carla is thrilled with it, so that's me finished for this round of the swap, and very happy.


Linda said...

OMG! Is this world small or what!? I have to tell you that I couldn't believe it when I learned - from Carla! - that you were her partner! Here I was, visiting your blog regularly as you worked on "Crowing," and little did I know that you were making it for my friend. Carla and I first became acquainted through our blogs-she in Missouri and me in Iowa. Then, we met in person in Kansas City, and the rest is... friendship! We email regularly, talk on the phone occasionally, and see one another once-in-a-while. I still can't believe I watched you making a quilt for my friend! Carla is fortunate to receive your beautiful work, Emma. I can't wait to see "Crowing" in person. And believe me, you won't find a more appreciative person than Carla. It's been fun to be part of this connection.

Joan said...

Lovely Emma :)