Thursday, 28 July 2011

Colourque Quilting

Yesterday I had a big pile of quilts to photograph, so I took everything out to the back verandah and set up properly - I even used a spirit level to apply the carpet tape to the wall to attach the top and sides, so they'd be hung straight and square for a change!

A few weeks ago, Nell delivered three quilt tops for me to quilt for her; she collected two this morning. This first one is for her elder daughter (who has been anxiously awaiting it, and is likely to sleep under it tonight, unbound though it remains as yet!). It has a beautiful colourque centre which I believe Nell started at a workshop with local quilter Helen Stubbings, a technique where the design appears to be appliqued, but is actually just coloured inside the hand-stitched lines using special pencils - the exception is the hearts, which are true applique.

Most of the quilt has an allover freehand feathered spiral pattern, but for the centre block I quilted closely around the colourque, including the tiny circles, then filled the background with a tiny meandering feather (most of the plumes are well under an inch long).


Kirsty said...

So amazing. Well done! I really like how you've echoed the swirling motif of your applique and in the fabric design again in your quilting. Great choice.

Kristina said...

I just can't stop staring at it! Amazing, fantastic job!

Helen Stubbings said...

wow, please tell Nell that is stunning, it would have been at the Patchwork Apple retreat a few years ago that she started it I think... great to see it finished - her version and your lovley quilting to compliment it
hugs Helen

Nell said...

Hannah just loves it and I showed it to the girls at my Creative Memories team meet last night and one of them wants your details so you can quilt her next quilt! You did such a beautiful job (I keep staring at that middle panel too!)