Wednesday, 27 June 2012


So, it seems I'm back into the swing of quilting, but not blogging! Having finished quilting the last quilt (it just needs the binding had stitching down now), I've quickly pieced this green flannel quilt. I cut it last week while procrastinating on the quilting, and got most of the piecing done in a few hours one night. I think apart from the the spots (Amy Butler) and the white, the rest of the fabrics are by Valori Wells - though from several collections.

It's another baby quilt, and I've quilted it with my open meandering feather. I know I use it a lot, but I like it, so why not?! I'd hoped it would be quick, so I can jump right into a commissioned beach scene, but I'm having a lot of thread breakage issues again, and haven't figured out what's causing it yet.

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Joan said...

Lovely Emma - nice and bright.