Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Nose in a book (or two)

With little effort (and little sleep) I can devour a novel in a night, but not much quilting! I've had a few nights with my nose stuck in books this week, so until Friday, when I can photograph a couple of new finishes  (at last!) here are a few more peeks at the quilting on my upcoming magazine project.

These photos show the curved cross hatching on the main part of the quilt. The double line outlining it was already quilting, and as with the curved crosshatchign in the border, I free-hand marked the end points of the lines, then drew them in (again freehand) before free-motion quilting them. I used the Sewline vanishing marker, which vanished perfectly and quickly.

Tonight I finished binding my next magazine quilt.

I have been working on a large custom quilting design and refining my next swap quilt design. The swap quilt is going to be mostly wholecloth, but with a few small applique highlights, and I think I'll intersperse working on that with the king-size customer quilt I'm about to sandwich - but first I need to clear the decks; it's going to take every inch of space I can manage!

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Bec Clarke said...

Oh I love the wavy cross hatching. I have done straight but the wavy gives a lovely movement.