Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Feathers, flowers and butterflies

I recently completed this customer's quilt. I filled the background with my open feather/flower combination using a pale pink Glide thread which is beautifully glossy.

Then the 15 large (about 8in square) butterfly panels got light custom treatment.

I used matching threads to follow the zigzag edge of the print, and around the daisies in the corners, then quilted each butterfly with ovals along the body, feathers filling the wings, and of course following the antennae on the fabric, using a variegated pink/green/yellow Rainbows (glossy 40wt trilobal poly Superior) thread.

The colours blended nicely on all the different butterflies.

This photo from the back shows the quilting better:

This one was sent back to Kayscha today by James and Eleanor, who proudly went into the post office unaccompanied to lodge it over the counter.


Linda R said...

Beautiful Job!! So pretty.

MY SPACE said...

You re so incredibly talented! Can't wait to get this back to finish it! Not sure if I can wait until our little friends birthday to gift it to her!! Thanks so much Emma x