Sunday, 19 January 2014

Thank you quilts

The black, white and hot-pink quilt was the final quilt I needed to finish so I could return with James and Eleanor to their old child care centre (which even Eleanor left 18 months ago!) so we could deliver the thank-you quilts to the rest of the wonderful staff. I'd been working through a few a year, but this last one took ages, for myriad reasons (some of this batch have been waiting a long time!).  It was lovely to see everyone again - and also rather nice to reduce the pile of quilts in my studio! Here they are with the last seven:

And below is a quick run-down of them all; they added up over the years, although there were very few staff changes!

Sue's Quilt (2008)

Our Favourite Star (2008)

Hushabye Stars (2009)

Hidden Star (2009)

Cuggle (2011)

Growing (2011)

Pink Feathers (2011)

 And this recent selection:


The Gardens Meet

A Gaggle of Goslings

Bursts of Illusion



Star Gazing

They were all well received, and I'm very glad I made them all - but equally glad they're done!

I've solved my photo uploading problems for now by using Firefox and adjusting my settings on that. I hope it continues to work.


AJ said...

So generous Emma. I' sure they loved them!

Kitchener Quilter said...

All your quilts are beautiful. I'm sure they will love them. And so great to see them all together this way. Thanks for posting them.