Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Beach Quilt top complete

Tonight I pieced the sun and finished the top of this beach quilt. I didn't work on the quilt at all last night, instead catching-up the pattern to the same stage as the quilt - I'd got a bit carried-away with the piecing the previous few days and hadn't typed up all the instructions and tips I'd thought-out as I was sewing.
I now have 3 quilts almost ready to quilt - this one and a beautiful customer quilt which arrived today are ready to be sandwiched, and my own snuggle quilt is still at the same partially-completed stage it was at several weeks ago when my secret project took over.
I'm hoping to get the customer quilt done this week, but know I'll be pushing it with everything else I have to do. I want to feather it somehow, as that's in keeping with the elegant fabrics and simple piecing (and fun!) but haven't decided exactly how yet. I doodled a few options tonight and will mull it over tomorrow while Eleanor and I are playing and running errands.


Vicki W said...

This quilt is looking fantastic!

Miss Nancy said...

Whoa!! This is absolutely wonderful, fantastic, gorgeous. Love it. Great work and well done.

Have a super great sewing and quilting day.

Andee said...

I have really enjoyed watching this quilt come together...i am a pattern follower and so dont' usually try this kind of thing, but if there was a class I would be all over it...really FABULOUS!