Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Progress and another peek

I finished piecing this quilt today and have started the quilting. It's about 6' square - not exactly small! I've quilted the edge, quilted in the ditch around one border, and done some of the fmq ditch quilting, and am onto some swirls. There's still more to ditch quilt, but that needs a colour-change, and it's nice to break it up with something more interesting.
There'll be a lot of background to quilt later, too; I'm thinking of feathering it - it needs to be something reasonably quick (definitely no pebbling!) and with a bit of oomph to make the unpieced sections sing. Dare I do it in a contrasting colour???

1 comment:

Me aka Supermom said...

Not feathering in a contrasting color!!! No way :-)

can't wait to see it finished